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Licked And Dicked is one of the latest offerings from Helix Studios, well-known for their gorgeous twinks and jocks. This hardcore gay video stars eighteen-year-old Joey Mills, and hunky surfer dude, Luke Wilder.

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Since eighteen-year-old Joey Mills – – first started his gay teen porn career, he has caught the attention of every guy’s heart and dick. He looks sweet and innocent, but from his films, we know he is anything but. Joey is five-feet-nine-inches tall with a smooth, slender body, and one hell of a fuckable ass. He has brown hair, soft and tender blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock.

This is Luke Wilder’s fourth hardcore gay porn movie, and he has an amazing swimmer’s body, which isn’t surprising, as behind the camera he is a lifeguard, and he loves to surf. He is a six-foot-two-inch hunk with a smooth chiselled body, and he is from San Diego. Luke has brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and he is a power top with a seven-inch dick and big balls.

Licked And Dicked – the story of two hot gay twink fucking

Luke Wilder and Joey Mills start off by standing in the bedroom as they press their beautiful bodies and moist lips against each other in a wild and passionate kiss. The twinks can’t get enough of each other’s bodies, and it doesn’t take long before Joey strips off Luke’s clothes and gets down to gobble on his hard cock. Luke, who is bisexual, has never had his cock sucked so well before, and he loves the feeling of Luke’s mouth locked hard around his dick. Joey takes hold of his low hanging balls as he sucks that cock down to its very roots. He makes sure that pecker is coated all over with his twinky spit… and then they roll around on the bed together.

Luke returns the favour and shows joey just how good he is at sucking cock too. Joey starts to moan and groan with excitement and slowly thrusts his cock deep into Luke’s hungry mouth. Joey’s ass soon needs some urgent attention, so Luke flips him over, and gets him on his hands and knees. As Luke leans forward, Joey puts this head in the pillow, arches his back, and pushes his perfectly shaped, smooth ass up in the air, and feels Luke’s long tongue against his hole. Luke prises Joey’s ass open as he grabs those golden globes and licks that ass all around the outside. Joey can’t help but moan out louder as he feels that long tongue pierce his butt hole as it probes inside.

As Luke lies down on his back, the camera goes in for a close-up, and Joey gets up and sits on Luke’s cock. He rides him slowly, to begin with, but soon picks up the pace and rides him like a wild stallion. You can hear the breathing get quicker and louder as they fuck like there is no tomorrow, and before you know it, these beautiful boys are fucking all over the bed, and in different positions.
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Joey Mills gets his ass well drilled in the doggy position, and then he gets on his back as Luke fucks him balls-deep in the missionary position. Joey’s eyes glaze over, and as he rubs frantically on his twinky cock, his cum spills out on to his smooth, slender stomach. Feeling his ass going into spasms around his cock, Luke Wilder senses his balls filling with sizzling hot cum. He pulls out of that wonderfully fucked asshole, and he cums so hard that his jizz lands on Joey’s innocent-looking baby face. Luke drenches his body with that beautiful, milky surfer’s cum.
Licked And Dicked has no story and gets stuck straight into the hardcore action, which I love. These two guys are fucking each other for the first time, and as they fondle each other’s gorgeous bodies, you can feel the heat that they are generating. This movie has been filmed and released by Helix Studios, who are an award-winning team, and with their regular updating, and filming in HD, this is probably one of the best twink and jocks sites out there. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. click here for even more Twink Porn