Str8 To Gay with porn stars Brandon Evans and Darin Silvers

straight for gay‘The Third Wheel Part 3’ starring gay porn stars Brandon Evans and Darin Silvers has been filmed by the award winning team from Men dot com and released by ‘Str8 To Gay’ which is one of the ten sites on this great network.
The Movie
This is the third episode in this series that Brandon Evans has starred in. He is into threesomes and advertises it on the net. He is only interested in the threesomes because of the men; he doesn’t really want the women. Thankfully, the women don’t usually make it as far as the bedroom, and Brandon always finds himself alone with the men.

The Straight To Gay Episode

In this episode, Darin Silvers has come down to see Brandon with his girlfriend. They have known each other for years and soon get talking. Darin gets up to go to the toilet, and his girlfriend tells Brandon that Darin has been wanting a threesome with another girl, but she isn’t too sure. Brandon tells her that he is not into that, but he would love a threesome with her and Darin. She is a bit shocked and tells this to Darin when he comes back into the room. She gets another shock when he agrees to it all. They all go into the bedroom, and as she gets on the bed, she tells the guys to start it all off.
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Brandon and Darin take their tops off and begins to kiss. Their bodies touch each other as their kissing gets more passionate, and his girlfriend looks disgusted. She gets between the two men and tells them to stop trying to be gay when they are not. She slaps Darin around the face and walks out.

They like to try gay sex for the first time

It’s Darin’s turn to be surprised, but not for long as Brandon is already undoing his pants and taking his “so called” gay cock out and puts it in his mouth. Darin soon forgets about his girlfriend as his cock feels so good as Brandon continues sucking on it and licking his big heavy balls.
Brandon then sits on Darin’s cock and rides him for a while. Darin then fucks Brandon doggy style, and then in the missionary position. As Brandon Evans gets fucked hard, he shoots his thick creamy white cum all over his body. Darin Silvers pulls his cock out of his ass, and his cum quickly joins in with Brandon’s and soon starts dribbling down his sides.

The Porn Stars In Gay Action

Brandon Evans has a cute young face and the body of a swimmer. He is five feet ten inches tall, has short brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He is top, with a seven inch cut cock, but does love to get his tight smooth ass fucked from time to time.
He has starred in 6 movies for Men and is the main star in this series. And you can watch him and more free str8 to gay videos at Male Galaxy.
Darin Silvers Is good looking with a designer beard and a great body. He has dark blonde hair, sexy blue eyes and is five foot ten inches tall. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut cock and has starred in 14 hardcore movies for Straight to gay.
‘The Third Wheel’ series is one that you are going to want to watch over and over again, and with such great close ups, you will soon be franticly jerking yourselves off.