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Now its time to go into the chat rooms to show us a fantastic ebony gay porn episode in this popular series, filmed by Next Door Ebony, starring Romero Santos. He’s a guy who put on a great show with Brandon Moore in part one, Mike De Marko, in part two, and this time he has a big fan of his, Marlone Starr, who is taking part in his hot and horny episode as they do whatever their viewers want.
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Romero Santos is as horny as a hound dog all the time, and rather than let it go to waste, he opened up a chat page where everyone can see what he has been up to. In the past he turned his horny viewers on by masturbating to the beat of their drum, but then they wanted more and started begging him to do a show with someone else.
All of a sudden his ratings went up, and he realized that he was having more fun with someone else in the knowledge that everyone was watching their every move. In this juicy hardcore episode, he randomly picks one of his fans, Starr, to come and join him on his couch so that everyone can watch him fuck his sweet, tight asshole.
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Marlone takes his shirt off and Romero fondles his muscular chest and sucks on his big hard nipples. To get his fans even more excited he turns Marlone around after he has taken his pants off and strokes his concrete like butt, and the show gets going as Romero kneels on the couch, and Marlone bends over and sucks on his raging hard ebony gay cock. Romero is soon gargling like a baby as Marlone plays with his dick in his mouth, and then takes it to the back of his hungry throat.
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