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Now its time to go into the chat rooms to show us a fantastic ebony gay porn episode in this popular series, filmed by Next Door Ebony, starring Romero Santos. He’s a guy who put on a great show with Brandon Moore in part one, Mike De Marko, in part two, and this time he has a big fan of his, Marlone Starr, who is taking part in his hot and horny episode as they do whatever their viewers want.
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Romero Santos is as horny as a hound dog all the time, and rather than let it go to waste, he opened up a chat page where everyone can see what he has been up to. In the past he turned his horny viewers on by masturbating to the beat of their drum, but then they wanted more and started begging him to do a show with someone else.
All of a sudden his ratings went up, and he realized that he was having more fun with someone else in the knowledge that everyone was watching their every move. In this juicy hardcore episode, he randomly picks one of his fans, Starr, to come and join him on his couch so that everyone can watch him fuck his sweet, tight asshole.
Romero is sitting on his couch with just his underpants on teasing his viewers as they look longingly at his smooth muscular body once they take tear themselves away from his blonde hair and startling green eyes. He stands up as he introduces Starr to his black viewers as he walks into view fully dressed, and with his shirt bulging at the arms. Marlone Starr can’t keep his smile of his face as he sits down next to Romero and tells everyone that he is a huge fan of Romero’s and watches him all the time.

Marlone takes his shirt off and Romero fondles his muscular chest and sucks on his big hard nipples. To get his fans even more excited he turns Marlone around after he has taken his pants off and strokes his concrete like butt, and the show gets going as Romero kneels on the couch, and Marlone bends over and sucks on his raging hard ebony gay cock. Romero is soon gargling like a baby as Marlone plays with his dick in his mouth, and then takes it to the back of his hungry throat.
Marlone till can’t smiling from ear to ear, even when Romero returns the favour and sucks on his big ebony dick until his fans want to see them fuck. Marlone gets on his hands and knees and Romero slips in behind him and whacks his condom covered cock straight up his delicious tight asshole and fucks him doggy style. With Camron’s cock still shoved up Marlone’s hot crack, they both look at the camera, and find out that the fans now want them to fuck in the missionary position.
Marlone Starr gets on his back and it doesn’t take long before they are shouting out that they are going to cum. Santos pull his cock out and their viewers get a great shot as both of them shoot their jizz out at the same time and it all splashes over Marlone Starr exhausted black body. click here for more next door gay porn

Josh Peters

Josh Peters is another great hunk with a smooth muscular chest and a tight stomach. He has a cute mature face with bright blue eyes, brown hair and a trim beard. Josh looks so masculine that it is a lovely surprise to know that he is an eager power bottom. Josh has starred in five hardcore flicks for the site and in his last movie, he gets his muscular butt drilled by Topher Di maggio in ‘Trainer Confessions Part 2.’

Drill My Hole with Dennis West and Topher Dimaggio has gone into a private men’s club where anything can, and does, happen. This hardcore movie stars sexy, mature man, Dennis West, with Topher Dimaggio as a cute but controlling young twink covered in tattoos over his lovely smooth young body. ‘Drill My Hole’ are more than ready to show you the hot and horny action, but are you ready enough to watch it? If so, get those zippers down, cocks out and start jerking; but make sure you have plenty of Kleenex next to you, as you are bound to bust your nuts even before the end.

This scene starts off with sinister music playing in the background. Dennis West is sitting in the men only club sipping on his drink, when Topher walks in with another good looking cute twink. This guy has got his hands bound behind his back with red rope. Dennis West makes him sit down still bound and goes down to the dungeon by himself. Dennis West follows him down the dark seedy steps and their lips meet for the first time. He breaks loose, goes back upstairs and gets his bound slave to come and sit opposite them so that he can watch them fucking.
Dennis sit on a marble table and Dimaggio sits across from him on a couch as they kiss each other with passion, and slowly take their clothes off until Dennis is completely naked with his lean body and hairy chest on show. He leans forward and as he takes Dennis’s eight and a half inch thick cock between his thick lips and into his mouth, he gently squeezes Dennis full ball sack. Dennis howls out with desire as he carries on getting his cock sucked, and then they take turns on sucking each others aching hard dicks as Dimaggio’s bound slave carries on watching them.
Dennis West gets on his hands and knees on his small round table, his head goes down, he arches his back, and he sticks his super tight ass up in the air in a submissive position to please his younger lover Topher Dimaggio ( watch all his gay porn videos – click here ). Dimaggio licks his asshole all around, and then dips his tongue into Dennis’s tight crack and eats out his hole until it’s dripping wet with his spit. Topher gets behind Dennis’s lovely ass, aims his cock directly at Dennis’s asshole, and slides it all the way up to his tight ball sack.
As they change positions, Dennis sits on a chair and Dimaggio sits on his thick dick and rides him until they are both close to shooting their thick heavy loads. Topher then lies down on his back and as Dennis West drills his asshole hard and fast, he grunts and grinds and, with one final yell, his cock pulsates in his hand and hot, sticky jizz streams out and lands on his smooth, tattooed chest. Dennis quickly pulls his cock out gets his jizz to squirt over Topher’s hard stomach.
He gets dressed and goes over to his still bound slave. He kisses him, and after his cute twink slave says thank you, they leave to go on to the next man.
Dennis West has worked for since July 2015 when he explode on the screen with Will Braun, an exclusive star to this adult website, in ‘My Mom’s New Husband Part 2,’ and now he is one of the new exclusive stars to the site as well. Dennis is a versatile mature man and loves having sex with younger men than himself. He has got a good lean body full of hair and he has an eight and a half inch thick dick. He also has brown hair, blue eyes, and is five feet ten inches tall.
Topher Dimaggio is a popular young twink with good looks and loads of tattoos. He has a great body and is a versatile top with a seven inch uncut cock. He has jet black hair, green eyes and is five feet seven inches tall. Dimaggio has starred in seven hardcore movies for and he looks fantastic in leather as he fucks the tight asshole off of Gabriel Cross as he is bent over a motorcycle in ‘Men Of Anarchy Part 3.’

JJ Knight

JJ Knight is an up and coming porn star from Los Angeles, and he has a cute smooth face and chest. He is a six feet two inch top, and has an eight and a half inch cut cock. He has brown hair, brown eyes and weighs 185 pounds. JJ has starred in 4 hardcore movies for adult websites since starting in December 2015 with Tommy Regan in ‘Trust me It’s Not Gay’ which has been seen by over twenty one hot and horny men.

New York City Whore Part 3

Jaxton Wheeler is one of the best cock teases around and he knows how to get his clients juices flowing, and the best gay site are there to film his every move and give it to ‘Drill My Hole’ for your pleasure to watch at any time, or anywhere. So far in this great series, Jaxton has fucked the assholes out of Jordan Bass and Ricky Decker in parts 1 and 2. Now it’s time for James Jamesson to get a good taste of things about to cum.
Jaxton Wheeler knows he’s a good fuck so he gets annoyed in Part 1 that a manager for an escort agency turns him down saying he’s not good enough. Determined to prove himself, Jaxton becomes a young man for rent on the streets of New York; a city full of all sorts of men looking for a cock to suck, or be sucked.
In this episode Jaxton Wheeler goes out jogging in the park, and even though he is jogging, he’s always on the lookout for good looking clients. He sees James Jamesson, a sexy man with blonde hair and blue eyes, and teases him by stretching his legs with one foot on the bench that James is sitting on, and the other one on the ground. Jaxton sees James eying up the bulge in his jogging shorts, smiles at him and then carries on walking back to his house, knowing full well that James is following behind him with a huge hard erection screaming to be let free from the confines of his jeans and pants.
Jaxton knows how to turn a man on, and as soon as he has stripped James naked, he makes him get on his knees on the couch with James’s handsome face away from him. James lets out a deep sigh of relief as he feels Jaxton’s wet tongue circling his asshole, and then he feels it slipping through his crack and into his ass. James cries out even louder as Jaxton slides a finger in to his wet hole, and then another before he finger fucks him right up to his knuckle.
James JamessonJaxton then sits down on a chair, and gets James on his back on the ground just below up, and pulls his legs up over his shoulders to suck on James’s excited cock. James looks flushed with pleasure as Jaxton bends his legs towards James’s smooth chest, and sinks his seven inch uncut cock deep into his slutty asshole.
James Jamesson can’t stop groaning with excitement as he feels his prostate getting banged with every hard thrust, as he rides on top for a while before Jaxton Wheeler flips him over and fucks him in the missionary position. James closes his eyes tight, and as he makes a gurgling sound, thick white cum splats on to his body in thick juicy lumps, and as soon as he is finished cumming, he feels Jaxton’s hot cum landing all over his hard body right up to his chin.
Later on Jaxton goes back to the escort agency, and one look at his cock, and the taste of his mouth as they kiss, is all he needs to give Jaxton the job after all.
Jaxton-WheelerJaxton Wheeler is an exclusive star to the site and he is a real gym freak who lives in New York City, which is obvious when you look at his muscles and his shredded, hairy core and chest. Jaxton is also an underwear model and looks fantastic on the catwalk as he struts his stuff. Jaxton is an eager top and has a seven inch uncut dick, brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet eight inches tall. Jaxton has starred in over twenty hardcore movies for best gay porn and has a load of followers on Twitter.
James Jamesson is a cute young man with a lovely toned body and a firm tight butt. He is five feet eight inches tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a six inch cut cock. James is a versatile man and has starred in eleven hardcore movies for this gay site and seems to have had sex with most of the exclusive stars to a webpage in a short space of time, which makes you wonder if he may one day be an all exclusive star to one of the best site around , too.